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Our fees are set according to the Ontario Society of Chiropodists Guide to Chiropody Service Codes and Fee Schedule 2021 version. The fee guide below is a reference of suggested fees for our footcare services. Because there are so many variables that must be factored into each individual’s price equation, sometimes chiropodists need to see the task-at-hand before they can discern the appropriate fee. Please note that our services are NOT covered by OHIP. You may call us at 613-435-3020 or email us at for more details.

Service Fees
Initial visit* $95
Subsequent visit $75
Custom made foot orthotics (includes biomechanical assessment, casting, orthotics, dispensing and follow-up review) $500
2nd pair of custom foot orthotics (from same casting mould or foot scanning before 6 months) $350
Nail surgery for ingrown toenail with or without matrixectomy (per toe) $475-$575
Shockwave therapy for heel pain or Achilles’ tendinitis (per treatment) $120
Cortisone injection (per site) $200
Wart treatment (non-surgical, per treatment) $85-$105
Wart treatment (Swift microwave therapy, per treatment) $195
Wart treatment (needling under local anesthesia, Falknor's technique) $200-$400
Wart treatment (removal under local anesthesia) $350-$450
Fungal nail laser (per treatment) $120
Soft tissue surgery $750-$1200
Wound care $95-$115
* Include medical history review, comprehensive foot examination and treatment planning, routine foot care and consultation.

Prices for our products (such as ankle braces, over-the-counter inserts, diabetic friendly socks…) are found at our clinic. You may call us at 613-435-3020 or email us at for more details.

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