Service Fees


Here is a table of suggested fees we should charge by taking into consideration the OSC guidelines and other clinics in the area.
  KFO possible fee
Primary/initial assessment 65$
Follow up treatments 50$ / 30 minutes
Routine nail care 50$
Nail care - pathological 60$
Routine care (callus/corn debridement) 50$
Wound care (routine) 40$  
Orthotics  (include biomec + gait analysis + casting) 460$ Complexity may increase cost
Orthotics 2nd pair same mold 250$
injection 100$  
PNA/TNA without matrixectomy 350$ (include 2 follow-ups)  
PNA/TNA with matrixectomy 400$ (include 2-3 follow-ups)  
Soft tissue surgery (needling, tenotomy etc.) 300$ depends on complexity  
Swift® therapy for warts Ask Chiropodist for details on treatment fee.
Lunula Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Ask Chiropodist for details on treatment fee.
*250$ 2nd procedure same day, 125$ 3rd procedure same day (includes 2 follow-up visits)

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